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"It all goes around"

We are going to display and vote on the "It All Goes Around" challenge this year.  Challenge packs were sold by our friends at Twisted Sisters at last year's show.  If you did not get a pack, we're sorry, but those are sold out!  However, if you did get a Challenge Pack, and you haven't made your challenge quilt yet, now's the time.  You've got time to make it or perfect it if you've already created your quilt.  Click here for more info on the Challenge.

Have you gotten your pack and have some questions?  We've been asked a few already, so we'll answer those here.  If we haven't answered your questions yet, send us an email at, and we'll get back with you!

We can't wait to see your creations!

Q: How big can my quilt be?
A: The perimeter must be between 100 & 160 inches or 30 to 50 inches across the cneter if round (basically, 25x25 to 40x40 and anything in between)

Q: Can I add additional fabrics?
A: Yes!  Feel free to add additional fabrics to your quilt, just make sure that the challenge fabrics make up 30% of the quilt top.

Q: Does my quilt have to be round?
A: No, but it could be fun!  Curved piecing, patterns that appear round, appliques, or anything that is round in nature is acceptable.  Of course, a totally round quilt is a sure fire fit for the challenge.
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