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We want to display your quilts!

Quilt Show Entry

We welcome all quilts to the Cruso Quilt Show.  New quilts, old quilts, and quilts for our Cruso Challenge.  Entry Rules, Drop off, and Pick up info is to the right.  Below, you will find links to a printable entry form as well as our online entry form.

Keep in mind what the Drop off dates are for 2024!

In-person drop off will occur on Saturday, August 17 10a-2p or WEDNESDAY, August 21 10a-4p.

Quilt Entry Rules, Drop off, & Pick Up

Rules for Entry:
*We must have one entry form per quilt.
*There is a limit of 20 items per exhibitor.
*All entries must hang for the duration of the show, unless item is for sale and is sold (at which time we will work with the new owner)
Concerning Items for Sale: 
*If you wish to have items for sale, at least 2 of your exhibits must be for display only.
* We welcome items for sale and are happy to conduct the sale for you, however please understand that the Cruso Friendship Club asks for a 10% donation from all of your sales to help offset costs and to help others in our community which is our mission.
**Entries for the Cruso Challenge must meet all requirements for the challenge or they will be hung for display only. 

Drop Off & Pick Up:

Quilts may be shipped or hand delivered to Cruso Quilt Show. Please see directions below.


Mail Your Quilt to Cruso Quilt Show – must be postmarked by Monday, August 5, 2024

1. Send in a returnable box – one quilt per box. 

Please send to: Brenda Henson, 133 Rolling Acres Drive, Canton, NC 28716

2. Enclose a completed registration form and photo for each entry.

3. Please mark the preferred method of quilt return on your entry form (one for each quilt) and follow the appropriate instructions below.


Hand Deliver Your Quilt to Cruso Quilt Show – quilts will be accepted on Saturday, August 17, 2024 10am-2pm or Wednesday, August 21, 2024 10am-4pm.

1. Quilts may be delivered to the Bethel Middle School Gym.

2. Bring with you a completed registration form for each entry.

3. Please mark the preferred method of quilt return on your entry form and follow the appropriate instructions below.

Please call Brenda Henson (828) 226-7213 with any questions concerning the return of your quilt.


Quilt Return

Quilts may be picked up or shipped back to you at the end of the show. Your selection must be made on the entry form for your quilt when shipped or delivered to Cruso Quilt Show. Please see directions below for quilt return.


Have Your Quilt Shipped Back from Cruso Quilt Show:

1. If you request your quilt be mailed back to you and you included pre-paid postage, it will not be available for personal pickup.

2. Include in your original shipment, or hand deliver with your quilt, a separate self-addressed mailing label and pre-paid postage label for the return of your quilt.  We do not accept checks for return postage.

3. Insurance coverage is your responsibility. Please tell your shipping carrier to include your desired amount of insurance with your pre-paid postage label.


Pick Your Quilt up from Cruso Quilt Show:

1. Pick up for quilts will be available at the Bethel Middle School Gym on Saturday, August 24, 2024, beginning no earlier than 4:30 p.m., after the drawing for the Raffle Quilt. (Shipping boxes and/or packaging will not be returned with picked-up quilts)

2. Please bring proper identification with you in order to reclaim your quilt.

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