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We have ample spaces available outdoors at the Cruso Community Center for just $10.00. We are looking for a wide array of creative goods and wares to have on sale for festival-goers. So if you quilt, can, cane, craft, paint, design jewelry, make baskets, wood work, throw pots, dip candles, or otherwise make something awesome and lovely, this event is for you, Applications are due no later than June 15, 2019.  


For more Vendor Information and Application, click here.

Craftsman Demonstrators:

We define Craftsman as somebody, anybody, who makes decorative or practical objects skillfully by hand or who does something with proficiency and expertise.  If this defines you, consider being a Craftsman Demonstrator at the Fest. We provide your space for FREE. All we ask is for you to provide us with several demonstrations throughout the day.  Your demonstrations can be ongoing or at specific intervals throughout the festival.  Applications are due no later than June 15, 2019.


For more Craftsman Demonstrator Information and Application, click here.

For more information contact Levi Henson at 828-400-7323 or
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